Environmentally-Friendly Options For Land Clearing

Land clearing can be very harsh on the environment, as it means removing trees and other vegetation that help to keep the ground moist and aerated and the air healthy. However, land clearing with a company like Proline X-cavating Ltd, is necessary to build new homes, put down new roads, and for drilling for oil and other resources.

If you own a parcel of land and need to have it cleared for any reason, there are some environmentally-friendly options you might choose today. Consider a few of those options here.

1. No burn clearing

When trees are cleared from land, they are usually incinerated. This is a quick and easy way to get rid of the trees but it also wastes the wood and creates pollution from the burning process.

A better choice is a no burn clearing, which means the trees are brought to a recycling plant or other location where they can be used rather than simply incinerated. When you are choosing a company that will be clearing your property, be sure you opt for a company that offers a no burn option.

2. Mulching the land

If you're clearing the land for drilling, you can often opt for mulching rather than a full clearing. Mulching is when all the trees and stumps and other vegetation are cut and shredded into a fine mulch and then put back onto the land, or are resold to other consumers.

This mulch holds in moisture so the ground does not become dry and sandy, and also keeps it healthy for future planting. The mulch that is sold to consumers keeps trees and vegetation from being burned or put in landfills, another benefit of this choice of clearing.

3. Selective clearing

This may be the most complex type of clearing but it can also be very beneficial for the environment. A clearing company can work around certain trees or patches of land when clearing. They may inspect underneath the ground to see which trees have the deepest roots, meaning they're probably the oldest and healthiest.

They can also inspect the vegetation to note which are invasive and harmful species and which are healthy and beneficial for the ground. The company can then leave these areas untouched so that drilling or construction can be worked around them and the ground can be as undisturbed as possible.

Be sure you note all your choices when you're ready to have land cleared no matter the use. Choosing something more friendly to the environment will ensure the ground remains as healthy as possible.