How Having A New Home Built Can Be Cheaper Than Buying A Home

If you're in the market for a new home, you may assume that it will be cheaper to buy a home than to have one custom built. This isn't always the case, as having a home built for you can not only ensure you have it made to your specifications, but it can actually even save you money over time. Consider how and why this is and what to discuss with a new home builder so you can make the best decision for yourself financially.

1. New homes can be built with energy-efficient options

When you have a new home built you can choose the most energy efficient roofing material, windows, and major appliances that are on the market today. You can have low-flow toilets and even urinals put into the bathrooms, as these use very little water with each flush. Low-flow showerheads and tankless hot water heaters can also save you money on your utilities every year, and a new home contractor might also install solar panels on the roof.

Having all these options installed into a home you buy can be much more costly than choosing them when you have a new home built. A new home can therefore be the most budget-friendly option for your utility bills over time.

2. A new home won't need repair for many  years

One common concern when buying a new home is how soon it will need major repairs. While a good home inspection can tell you the condition of the roof, foundation, plumbing and electrical systems, you can typically expect to make some repairs to any home within a few years of purchase.

When you have a new home built, you can choose the most durable materials so that you can go even longer before needing to make repairs. You might choose a metal roof which lasts decades longer than a standard roof, or opt to have your foundation underpinned for even more strength. Making these choices for a new home can keep you from facing those costs in an older home.

3. You can opt to have a smaller home built

It became very fashionable in the past few decades to build large, spacious homes and smaller homes seemed to have lost favor with builders. This means that if you want to buy a small home in order to save money on utility costs, you will typically need to purchase an older home that may soon need repairs. If you have a home built, you can choose a smaller model that won't cost so much for heating and cooling, but which will not need repairs for many years to come.

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