Four Things To Ask Before Ordering Mechanical Services For Your Construction Project

When you begin budgeting for your first large construction project, you may not be accustomed to certain aspects of the planning process. The mechanical services you need, for example, don't have to come from separate contractors or companies. In addition to this knowledge, there are a few other points you should know about ordering mechanical services for your project.

What Services are Available?

The first thing you need to know about going to a company that offers a wide range of mechanical services is what services are on their menu. For many contracting jobs, you will likely need fabrication as well as piping, equipment rentals, and basic machining. If you need specific services that may fall under one of these categories, make sure to ask the company representative if the services are available. You should also make sure that the mechanical services are performed by licensed, bonded, and insured contractors.

Will Any Mechanical Service be Done Off-site?

An important consideration to take into account is if any of the services you need will be handled off-site. The reason this is important is because off-site mechanical services can lengthen the amount of time the project may take. If you have to have piping or fabrication handled at another location, you will need to consider not only the manufacturing time but the shipping time as well. If the off-site location is located out of state or in another city, you will need to know in order to maintain your project estimation and budget plan.

Are There Warranties on the Work Provided?

You want to know that the mechanical services you order are covered in case something goes wrong later. If a pipe is damaged or equipment breaks down, you want to know how to move forward to have it repaired. Make sure that the services you order have a warranty, what the warranty covers, and that all of the warranties are in writing. Most companies will offer this with no issue and it will likely be covered during the initial consultation.

Are There Emergency Mechanical Services?

A concern that you should have regarding the mechanical services you order is what will happen during an emergency. Make sure to find out if there are emergency services available for equipment that may breakdown, fabricated pieces that need replacement, piping that needs repair due to weather or other damage, and other issues that can cause downtime on the site. Having this knowledge can save time and production costs due to downtime.

These are just a few things you need to ask and know before ordering mechanical services. If you are ready to start ordering services for your project, contact your local service company, like 101 Industries Ltd, for price estimates and scheduling.