Tips For Selecting Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you're remodeling your kitchen or building it from new, the cabinetry is an area which requires some extra focus. Cabinets take up a lot of visual space in your kitchen, so they have the potential to greatly influence the overall design. Keep in mind a few tips as you select your kitchen cabinets.

Hide your Appliances

Your kitchen appliances can add to the overall look of your kitchen, or they can stick out. Though refrigerators and dishwashers feature many different facades, perhaps you'd prefer to choose them based on their energy efficiency or feature package instead. Have cabinet doors installed to incorporate your appliances into your kitchen design rather than allowing your appliances take center stage.

Add Detailing

Speaking of facades, there's more to choosing the detailing of your cabinetry than just selecting the hardware. Cabinets can be constructed to look like furniture. They can also include colorful accenting or embellishments such as corbels and fancy feet. According to Home and Garden TV, selecting European-style cabinets is another option. These cabinets do not have a front frame. Instead, the door is attached directly to the main frame, affording a more open design with easy access to the interior.

Customize Storage Space

Kitchen cabinetry is made for storing your appliances and tools. Having new cabinets installed affords you the option of customizing that storage space:

  • Built-in racks for wine, spices or oils
  • Narrow slots for baking sheets and pizza stones
  • Deep cabinets for appliances
  • Compartments for silverware and tools

Consider your kitchen work style and the appliances and tools you use. Then, talk to your contractors about the best customized spaces.

Incorporate Glass

Time was cabinets presented a wall of wood. Such a style is still possible, of course. However, incorporating glass fronts opens up the feel of the kitchen. If you are having large spaces of cabinetry installed, consider replacing some of the front doors with paned glass. The glass not only displays your favorite ceramic wares, it also reflects light back into your kitchen space.

Include Color

Even if you decide on stock cabinetry, selecting colorful options personalizes your kitchen. For instance, choosing a bright color such as apple green or sunshine yellow makes your kitchen a cheerful space. Gray is a pleasing neutral that lends sophistication to your décor. White, of course, is a classic option that makes the kitchen feel open and airy, especially when coupled with glass fronts and chrome appliances. Cool blues and greens not only create a relaxing ambience, they can bring the outdoors into your space.

Design, style and color sit at the center of your kitchen décor. Whether you opt for colorful cabinets, glass fronts, customized storage or some combination of options, make your kitchen personal with your choice in cabinets. Contact professionals, such as those from Insite Custom Cabinets & Millwork, for further assistance.