Steel Roofing: How Your Barn Can Benefit

As a general rule, you would want to avoid steel with sharp edges around your livestock, but when the steel is actually on the roof of your barn, it can really benefit you. If your barn needs a new roof, or if you find that you are working overtime on its structural upkeep, maybe it is time to consider replacing the roof with steel. Here is how that works and how it benefits your farm or ranch.

Hiring a Steel Roofing Contractor

Specifically, you will want a contractor who has replaced barn and stable roofs before. Because the roofing structure for barns and stables is different from human housing, the construction and installation of a steel roof for your outlying farm buildings requires a different approach. For instance, residential steel roofing has an underlying insulation layer and rubber roll layer. These layers, particularly the insulation layer, are not necessary in barn and stable roofing because of the open ceiling structure in these buildings. This is why it is so important to get a steel roofing contractor who has experience with ranch and farm roofing.

Replacing the Roof

Replacing your barn roof with steel is just like any other barn roof replacement. The current roof is pulled down, the structural supports are checked for damage, replaced and/or reinforced, and the new steel roof goes on over the existing beams. The only difference is that it takes a few days longer than a wooden roof installation.

The Benefits of a Steel Roof on Your Barn

Once you have a steel roof on your barn, it is virtually maintenance free for the same amount of time that a residential steel roof is. If you are unfamiliar with residential steel roofing, that equals about fifty years or more, depending on the severity of the weather in your province and region. That is essentially your entire lifespan of raising livestock and then some!

Additionally, a steel roof on your barn provides:

  • a condensation layer, which protects all of your livestock, hay and feed from precipitation
  • tougher resistance to wind and extreme temperatures
  • maintenance-free roofing-- you will not have to paint or replace it during the course of your farming or ranch career
  • rust-free roofing that looks just as nice from year to year as it did when you had the roof installed

A new wood roof on your barn is already going to cost you. If you spend a few thousand dollars more, you can get a roof that will not cost you another penny for several decades. For more information, contact a company like Metal Roof Outlet.