Why A Professional Should Drill Your Next Water Well

Having a either a shallow or artesian well is a great way to provide a clean source of water for your Canadian home without relying on regional systems or cisterns. Wells give any homeowner the freedom from this extra burden and expense, and it can allow your property to be supplied regardless of how remote your property is located.

If you have the time, a sense of adventure, and enough money to purchase or rent the necessary drilling equipment, you can often find a viable source of clean water yourself. But when you want a water well for your property, there are are a few reasons you should leave the project to a professional. 

Success Rates Are Higher

Not only is the process of drilling a well easier for a professional to perform, but you are more likely to have a clean water source and in a quicker amount of time than if you drill yourself. Drilling equipment used for well exploration can be rented or purchased, and the machinery is reliable in penetrating even difficult boulders. But using a professional ensures the best diamond-cut drilling equipment, which is superior in universal ground types, for deeper access to uncontaminated drinking sources.

Success rates are also higher with a professional because they employ survey technology and equipment that can delineate sources of water with minimal guesswork. Ground penetrating radar, soil sampling, terrain analysis, groundwater flow analysis, and core tests are all hydrogeological tools that professionals use to pinpoint a possible source of clean water before drilling even begins.

Safety Is A Concern

Drilling into different types of terrain can be difficult to do, because you have to be familiar with the techniques involved in successful drilling into all types and conditions of terrain. Drill bits can get stuck if water isn't constantly circulated, just as they can break if you hit rock that is too thick to penetrate with your equipment. If your drill bit becomes stuck or breaks, your hole can even swallow you or equipment up into the surrounding area. Safety in the finding a source of water that isn't polluted by chemicals, septic tanks, or sewer leaching, as well as mineral contaminants is also a crucial part of drilling your next well.

Cost Is Key

Though cost depends on your area and well depth, you will probably spend about the same for professional drilling as you would with a do-it-yourself approach. A do-it-yourself drilling project will also cost you excessive time and labor for a job that can take a fraction of the time for a professional. So though you spend about the same for either, the effort and time you put into the well will be significantly greater than if you hire a professional like J R Drilling Central Limited Partnership from the start.