What You Should And Shouldn’t Do When Caring For Pavers

Putting pavers in your yard is a great way to get a customized look. Many people choose to put in pavers rather than concrete and are pleased with the end result. If you do choose to put in pavers, it is important that you know how to care for them. Here are some things that you should and shouldn't do when it comes to caring for your pavers.

1. You Should Seal Them Often

How often you choose to seal your pavers will depend on how quickly you wear them down. For some this might happen months before another. It simply depends on the climate that you live in and how much traffic the pavers get.

When you seal the pavers you will have to push sand on them with a push broom. This is because you need to get sand in between each crack. This prevents weeds coming through the pavers and protects the pavers from shifting. After you get sand pushed into each crack you can apply the sealant. This will help to seal the sand in and make it waterproof so that it doesn't become damaged with the rain.

2. You Shouldn't Use Harsh Rock Salt Or Sharp Shovels To Remove Snow

Having pavers in a snowy climate can be tricky. This is because you can harm the pavers when trying to remove snow from your driveway. Some people use harsh rock salts in large quantities to help melt the snow. If you use too much, or the wrong kind, it will eat through the pavers. In addition, you cannot use a sharp shovel so break up the snow. Unlike concrete, you can crack the pavers.

This is why you should only use a snow blower and a minimal amount of mild rock salt if you have pavers in a snowy climate.

3. You Should Wash The Pavers Often

There are a couple things you can do to keep your pavers clean and looking nice. First of all, you should only use a power washer to wash the pavers. You want to avoid using harsh detergents if at all possible. If you do notice a stain, try using a degreaser to remove it. You can sprinkle some baking soda on it or another mild degreaser to try and pull up the grease. By doing this you can keep the pavers clean without harming them.

By understanding what it takes to care for pavers, you can decide if getting them is right for you. Talk with a paving company, like Hamilton Paving, to learn more about how pavers could fit in your home.