What Are The Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation?

If you are planning on insulating your home or business, you should know your options. Many people use traditional insulation because it's all they know. However, there are numerous benefits to using spray foam insulation:

Save on Energy Bills

Like many people, your home might have fiberglass insulation. However, this doesn't mean that it is airtight. Tons of small holes and gaps around your plumbing pipes, electrical wires, and other interior components could exist. Added up together, they would be the same size as a giant door that lets exterior air straight into your house. Spray foam insulation, however, can fill those gaps in and increase energy efficiency while decreasing your utility bills.

Keep the Critters Out

Pests such as rodents belong outside and they should stay there. Spray foam insulation doesn't appeal to rodents as they can't eat it or use it for their nests. The same goes for insects, making spray foam the perfect solution for a bug and rat free home.

Protection Against Fire and Smoke

Many spray foams will act as a firewall. If they have a federal rating of Class I then it means that it will stop fire dead in its tracks by snuffing out all the oxygen. Normal insulation leaves room for oxygen to continue feeding the fire and doesn't offer the protection that foam does.

Less Humidity and Growths

Moisture is a vital component of annoying mold. The small gaps and holes surrounding your home offer moisture a chance to accumulate within your home. This can result in condensation and the warm moist air can seep into your attic or ceiling. As a result, mold can grow undetected. Not only could this mod cause damage to your home in the form of rotten wood, but it can be a health hazard for anyone with allergies that visits or lives in your home.

Less Noise

With no insulation, or even with fiberglass, sound can travel throughout your home by escaping in the tiny cracks around openings such as doors. However, you can effectively soundproof your home by using spray foam insulation on these areas. After that, you can enjoy peace and quiet for a more pleasant living environment.

There are numerous types of insulation on the market. Many people choose fiberglass because it's the only one they know about. However, spray foam insulation could be the best bet for you. It is healthier, quieter and more energy efficient product than other comparative types of insulation. For more information on the benefits of spray foam insulation, contact a company like High Country Insulation.