Brighten Your Home With An Attic Skylight

Do you have a finished attic in your home that is too dark and gloomy? A great way to brighten and open up this type of space is to install a skylight. Doing so allows natural light into your attic and makes the space more inviting. This article takes a closer look at some the key points to keep in mind when adding this feature to your home.


The placement of the skylight determines how much sunlight enters the attic. This is because the path of the sun naturally exposes certain parts of your roof to more sunlight than others. For example, if the skylight is installed in a spot that faces west or south, it receives more sun than a skylight on a spot that face north or east. So if you want the strongest possible sunlight, select a spot facing south or west. Remember, however, that doing so may require controlled shades or blinds to keep the attic from becoming too warm on hot days.

Roofing Material

The roofing material plays a role in the installation, if you are handy with tools and want to do the job yourself. This is possible if you have an asphalt roof, but is not advisable in some other instances. Putting a skylight in a metal is typically more complicated than installing one on an asphalt roof. Skylights placed on metal roofs require special flashing in order to ensure that water does not leak into the attic and cause damage.


Another important consideration is whether you need a chase created during the installation. A chase is a framed passageway that allows light from the outside to enter the roof. Typically, you will only need a chase if you have a finished ceiling in the attic. A chase will add to the cost of installing the skylight and the work is best done by an roofing contractor, like the ones at Murray Shaw Roofing.


If your roof has truss framing, then the job of installing a skylight is somewhat more complex than putting one in a stick-framed roof. The trusses may need to be re-framed, depending on the size of the skylight. If this is necessary in your case, have the work supervised by a structural engineer.

Installing a skylight is an excellent idea if you use your attic as living area rather than a place to store old furniture and other items. Contact a local roofing contractor for more information about this topic.