Luxury Structures to Build on Your Estate

If you have a large estate with plenty of acreage, you'll want to construct not only a custom luxury home but also a variety of additional luxury buildings to go with it. After all, your estate may need a pool house or a stable. Here are some ideas for custom luxury buildings you could construct on your estate along with your home.

Detached Garage

Whether you have an antique car collection or buy the newest sports car model each year, your cars need the best protection from the weather and any other potential threats. A garage that's totally climate-controlled is the best option for these cars. While you're designing your garage, be sure to put in some luxury features such as a car elevator or a wet bar, as well as plenty of space for all your vehicles.

Pool House

You could simply add an indoor pool to your custom home, but having an outdoor pool with a standalone pool house has its benefits as well. For example, you won't have to worry about the pool causing humidity problems in your home. And your pool's size won't be limited to what you can fit inside your house. For a luxury pool house, be sure to consider top-of-the-line additions such as smart home features. You can also try adding a full kitchen and bedroom so the pool house can double as a guest lodging.


If you have a private lake or a waterfront property, you'll likely need a boathouse to store your boats and other recreational equipment. Any boat lifts, custom docks, specialized launches, or accessibility features that you need can be built right into your custom-built boathouse.


A gazebo type structure can combine landscaping, gardening, and outdoor living. Depending on how you design these types of structures, they can offer a solid roof for weather protection or a roof that's vine-covered or even totally open to the sky. The fact that a gazebo isn't totally enclosed means it's a perfect place to engage in outdoor living. You can add a fire pit, a grill, a hot tub, or a variety of other luxury outdoor living components depending on your style.

Talk to acreage estate contractors about plans for adding any of these luxury buildings to your home building plans. You'll want to make sure that the architectural and design styles go well together so all the buildings on your estate have an overarching aesthetic and look like they're all part of the same idea.