Rock Wall Designs To Makeover Your Property With Hardscaping And Natural Finishes

The hardscaping designs you use in your landscaping can do a lot to change your property. Therefore, you might be looking for the right materials for projects like building retaining walls. Natural rock materials can be a great way to build walls that blend in with the landscaping. The following rock wall design solutions will help you makeover your hardscaping with natural finishes.

Facing High Retaining Walls with Natural Stone

There are some areas of landscaping where you may have existing retaining walls that need repairs. If the walls are in fair condition, you may want to repair them and install a new finish. These old walls can be refaced with natural stone materials. The new stone faces for deteriorating walls will be an attractive improvement for your landscaping design.

Building Rock Walls to Support Soil Loads and Backfill

Sometimes, the hardscaping in your landscaping needs to support the weight of soil backfill. These are areas where you will want to have custom rock walls built. Some of the options for rock walls to support soil include:

  • Manufactured rocks with patented installation systems
  • Large boulder rocks that support soils by their mass
  • Engineered stone wall design with concrete reinforcement

The right design for the rock walls will provide attractive and practical solutions for your landscaping. The engineered designs hold soil in place, protect structures, and give you more functional outdoor space.

Straight Rock Retaining Walls with Stairs for Landscaping

Straight retaining walls will be the easiest solution to add rock features to your hardscaping design. These are walls that are often used for terraced landscaping designs and can include features like stairs. If you want to improve areas of your landscaping with flatter spaces for outdoor living, rock walls with stairs are great. They will provide you with access to the different areas of your landscaping and provide more useable space.

Curved Designs with Custom-Built Rock Walls for Landscaping

You may also want to consider curved designs for the retaining walls. These curved designs can be inclined to hold back soils. This allows for attractive features that are functional. The curves in the design of these walls can also follow architectural designs of structures. This can be a great option to integrate the hardscaping features into outdoor living space designs.

The right finishes for retaining walls will help makeover landscaping with attractive natural features. Contact a stone wall builder to discuss some of these hardscaping solutions for your landscaping.