Protect Your Hardwood Flooring From Salt This Winter

De-icing salt can be found just about everywhere in the winter--even on your hardwood floors! Unfortunately, salt crystals are abrasive. Over the winter, de-icing salt can contribute to the scratching and degradation of your hardwood floors. You can prevent this from occurring by minimizing the amount of salt that makes it past your doorway, and by using the proper cleaning habits. These tips will help. Lay Down Extra Mats You may already have one or two welcome mats at your front and back doors, but this may not be enough in winter. Read More 

Brighten Your Home With An Attic Skylight

Do you have a finished attic in your home that is too dark and gloomy? A great way to brighten and open up this type of space is to install a skylight. Doing so allows natural light into your attic and makes the space more inviting. This article takes a closer look at some the key points to keep in mind when adding this feature to your home. Orientation The placement of the skylight determines how much sunlight enters the attic. Read More 

Vermiculite And Asbestos: Is My Insulation Dangerous?

Your home is supposed to be a safe place – so the idea that you could be surrounded by danger while sitting in your living room is a particularly unpleasant one. But if your home has vermiculite insulation, you might have a dangerous, cancer-causing substance all around you: asbestos. Vermiculite How do you know whether your home has vermiculite insulation? Vermiculite is a loose mineral insulation that, when heated, swells up. Read More 

Solar Power And You

When the term "green energy" is brought up in media today, you can probably expect a discussion of solar power in some form. This is due to several factors, such as the low environmental impact of harnessing light, the relative cost efficiency of current technology, and the heavy public campaigns to spread awareness of solar power. However, the subject can appear quite complex at first glance, so here is a primer to help you get acquainted with the basics: Read More 

How Having A New Home Built Can Be Cheaper Than Buying A Home

If you're in the market for a new home, you may assume that it will be cheaper to buy a home than to have one custom built. This isn't always the case, as having a home built for you can not only ensure you have it made to your specifications, but it can actually even save you money over time. Consider how and why this is and what to discuss with a new home builder so you can make the best decision for yourself financially. Read More