Septic Tank Troubles: Do These Issues Sound Familiar?

Septic tanks are often overlooked until a problem occurs. When issues like the ones below happen, you will likely need the help of a plumbing professional. Plumbers are familiar with how septic tanks work and can diagnose and repair your issues so that your family won't be inconvenienced.

Common Septic Tank Issues in a Home

Septic tank issues in a home can cause significant problems if not addressed promptly. Here are some of the most common septic tank issues that homeowners may experience:

Clogged pipes

Over time, pipes leading from the house to the septic tank can become clogged with debris or grease, causing backups and slow drainage. This issue can usually be rectified using a snake or sending pressurized water into the pipe.

Tank overflow

A full septic tank can cause wastewater to back up into the house, resulting in foul odors and unsanitary conditions. Septic tanks must be inspected and cleaned out regularly to avoid this smelly issue. 

Drain field problems 

The drain field can become clogged or damaged, leading to backups and overflows. Also known as a leach field or absorption field, the drain field typically consists of a series of perforated pipes or chambers buried in trenches in the soil, which allow the effluent to be distributed evenly and absorbed by the soil. The soil acts as a filter, removing harmful bacteria and other contaminants from the effluent before it reenters the groundwater or surface water.

Tree root intrusion

Tree roots can grow into pipes and septic tanks, causing damage and clogs. The source of the problem can be identified by the plumber using a special small camera. Once the location of the clog and root is found, your plumber will use several methods to remove the roots. In some cases, the affected pipe must be replaced.

Tank damage

The septic tank itself can become damaged or cracked, causing leaks and groundwater contamination. If your septic tank is old, it can deteriorate.

Poor installation or lack of proper maintenance can cause septic tank issues over time, such as clogs or tank damage. It is important to have your septic tank inspected and serviced regularly to prevent these common septic tank issues from occurring. If you notice any signs of septic tank problems, such as slow drains, foul odors, or backups, it's important to consult a licensed plumber or septic system professional to diagnose and address the issue promptly. 

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