Why You Should Choose A Wood Frame For Your Steel Building

Although you might think that most steel buildings are made entirely of steel, this isn't the case. Metal buildings can have either a steel frame or a wooden frame, so you will need to choose between the two before investing in your building. Although you might think that a steel frame is your best choice, this generally isn't the case. These are a few reasons why you should consider opting for a wooden frame for your new steel building, regardless of what you will be using your building for.

You Can Save a Lot of Money

Steel poles can be quite expensive, and you will need several of them to build a frame for your building. If you are looking to cut your costs significantly, then you should consider a wood frame. Once you find out how much cheaper wooden posts can be, you're sure to find that this is the best choice for your budget.

You Can Enjoy Improved Energy Efficiency

Steel buildings can be very energy efficient, but your building will be even more efficient if you use wooden posts instead of a steel frame when building it. This is because buildings that have been made with wooden frames are a lot easier to insulate, which can help you keep the warm or cool air inside and the elements out. Plus, you don't have to worry about thermal bridging, which can cause your building to be very hot during the summer and very cold during the winter.

It's Easier to Do

If you are planning on putting your metal building together yourself, then you'll probably find that a wooden frame will be easier to do. You only need basic hand tools to put together a wooden frame, but you need a welding machine and other heavy-duty equipment to put together a steel frame in many cases.

You Can Have More Design Options

Another great reason to use wood to build your building's frame is the fact that you can enjoy more design options. It's a lot easier and more affordable to build a roof with a different pitch or to create dormers or overhangs if you are using wood. Unless you want a rather plain and boring square-shaped building with a low roof pitch, wood can be a much better choice.

Overall, wood frames are typically a better choice for most metal buildings. If you are planning on building a steel building, you should definitely consider these things when choosing a frame for it. Talk to a professional like Central Canadian Structures Inc for more information.