How To Protect Yourself From Shady Hail Damage Contractors

If your area is prone to hail damage, then you may already know about the shady sales tactics and false promises made by so-called "storm chaser" companies, but what many do not know is that this is a huge epidemic, costing homeowners untold amounts of money in repair costs each year. Storm chasers move through hail-damaged areas, usually originating from a different province, peddling quick repairs for cheap. However, these companies then are known for doing a poor job and moving on, with no warranty or promise of quality on their work.

Though it may be tempting to go ahead with repairs quickly, it is vital to take a breath and follow a few simple steps to ensure the job gets done right, and you're not left with a house that needs several repairs instead of just one. Here are a few tips to protect you from storm chaser contractors:

1. Above all else, take your time scheduling repairs. 

Many of these companies work by going door-to-door and pressuring homeowners into signing on for repairs quickly. Make sure to read all contracts thoroughly before signing, and if something seems suspicious, such as non-local license plates or a similar driver's license, don't sign anything. 

2. Do your homework. 

Many of these scams can be avoided if you are proactive in getting repairs done. Before the big storm hits, look up reputable contractors in your area and pick one to call should a big hail storm come your way. This will not only protect you from storm chasers, but also will help you get your repairs done quicker and better. A good place to look for a reputable company would be through the Better Business Bureau or a similar organization. 

3. Ask the company for licenses and references. 

Many storm chaser companies simply cannot produce a source that ensures the quality of their work, or proof of their training. In order to make sure you're not about to be tricked, be sure to demand a contractor's license and/or local, recent references. If the company cannot produce one or both of these, chances are they're not to be trusted. 

Storm chasers are a widespread problem in hail-ridden areas, and they cause massive amounts of damage not only to the homes they "work on" but also to the local economy, taking jobs from local, honest contractors. Thankfully, a few easy steps is all it takes to ensure your repairs are done right the first time, so you can get back to clear skies and a warm, safe home. 

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