6 Tips For Decorating Your Home

Being able to have a home that is attractive and comfortable to live in is important for any homeowner. You may need to work towards making your home more enjoyable and livable by making minor, but necessary changes over time. The key to having a home that you love is by using tried and true decorating tips that work.

Tip #1:  Buy a large rug

The flooring centerpiece of your living area should include a large rug. This will help open up the room and make it appear even bigger than it actually is.

Additionally, a rug can help protect your floor from dirt and dust.

Tip #2: Use less

When filling up a shelving unit in your home, remember the phrase less is more. Avoid cramming a ton of items into one shelf because this can look cluttered. Consider putting items at least a few inches apart to make this area look more attractive.

Tip #3: Create a focal point

It's ideal to use a wall in each room of your home for a large picture or other decorative piece. This will attract the attention of any individual who walks into a room.  Having a focal point in any room of your home is a great idea for decorating it well.

Tip #4: Go bold

Using the right color can make a huge difference in the appeal of any room. Bold and bright colors can easily attract attention and are ideal to use. Consider red walls with neutral colored furniture to make this entire area in your home really pop.

Tip #5: Use sheer curtains

Letting the light in your home will make any room appear larger than it actually is. This can also help brighten your mood on any day of the week. By using sheer curtains, you will natural light in your home.  Simply add some side panels that you can use to provide more privacy when needed.

Tip #6:  Paint the front door

First impressions are important and having the front part of your home looking its best is ideal. Consider painting your front door a bold and bright color and adding some potted plants on either side for the even more appeal.

Taking pride in your home is sure to pay off for you by increasing its value and making it even cozier for you. Be sure to consider hiring a contractor for larger home design projects that may require more time, effort and money.

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