Choosing A Fire Pit To Finish Your Patio

One element that can increase the comfort and luxury of your patio is a fire pit. Fire pits are becoming even more popular these days as the ease of installation and availability of store-bought fire pits increase. What are your options for finishing your patio with a fire pit?

Custom Built Fire Pits

One option for you to consider is having a fire pit custom built to blend into its surroundings perfectly. Custom built fire pits can be constructed using the same stone, concrete and textures that your patio is made up of.

Another benefit of custom built fire pits is that you have your choice of natural gas, propane or wood fueled fires. If you have natural gas in your home, the piping can be run to the fire pit and utilized as the fuels source. If you don't have natural gas in the home, you can still have a gas fueled fire pit by installing a propane tank and lines. The propane tank can be hidden in a custom made enclosure that only you will know is holding the tank.

Custom built fire pits can include built in seating for you, your family and your guests. Your contractor can incorporate a flawless design that will look great and be comfortable to spend your time sitting around the fire roasting marshmallows and enjoying a crisp fall evening.

Pre-Formed Concrete Fire Pit

Pre-formed concrete is available in a number of styles, sizes, shapes and colors. You can choose a pattern that will blend in nicely with the rest of the patio textures and colors. Look around at the colors, shapes and textures used in the surrounding elements. For example, if you have rectangle blocks used to build a retaining wall nearby, you can use the same rectangle squares in the construction of the fire pit to make it appear to have been there all along.

These pre-formed concrete pieces are put together much like a puzzle to build you a stunning fire pit that will last many years. Again, you can choose between propane, natural gas and wood to fuel your fires.

Store-Bought Fire Pits

It doesn't get much easier than these. You go to your local home improvement store, pick out the fire pit that you like, bring it home and remove it from the box. In no time you can have a warm fire to enjoy on your patio. Your options are relatively limited with this option. Some store-bought fire pits are fueled by propane, but most are wood fueled.

Talk with your local contractor to find out more about adding a fire pit to your patio. This one feature can make chilly evenings and mornings enjoyable on your patio throughout the changing seasons and provide architectural charm that will not be overlooked by anyone.

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