Installing A Commercial Pool? 4 Types Of Pool Decking To Choose From

If you have a commercial pool, you should install pool decking. This will give you an area to place furniture, such as lounge chairs, tables, etc., for your guests. When it comes to commercial pool decking, you do have different types to choose from, four of which are listed below. 

Rubber Surfacing

If you already have pool decking in place and you do not like it or it is in bad condition, you can choose rubber surfacing. This is much cheaper than completely replacing the current decking. You can choose rubber surfacing in a variety of colors, and the surface is slip-resistant and safe if someone falls on the decking. Rubber surfacing holds up well if it gets wet, as the water drains through the surface so the top surface stays dry. Rubber surfacing is beneficial also because it does not require maintenance and the rubber surfacing looks great. 


A stone pool decking can make the area look elegant, and stone is beneficial because it works well no matter what climate you live in. Stone is also durable and does not require a lot of maintenance. One downside to stone, however, is that it is expensive. There are a variety of stones that you can use, but travertine is the best option. This is because travertine is resistant to slipping and still looks great. Travertine is available in a variety of colors, such as beige, cream, brown, grey, tan, blue, black, yellow, orange, ivory, and gold. 


If you are on a budget and like the look of wood, composite decking looks like wood without the expense. Composite decking also requires much less maintenance when compared to wood. You do not have to worry about the decking fading, splintering, or warping, as wood will do over time. You will have to pay much more for composite decking when compared to wood, but if you factor in that it will last longer and is much easier to handle, this extra money will be worth it. 


If you want real wood, then wood decking is a good choice. Wood looks great, but it does require a lot of maintenance. Because of the water that will get on the wood, you have to stain and seal the wood each year before you open your pool. This will protect the wood from the water and prevent it from getting damaged. Different types of wood can be used, including, cedar, pine, mahogany, and teak. Mahogany and teak are the most durable, but they are also more expensive. 

Talk with a company that sells pool decking to learn much more about these options, as well as other types that are available.