4 Reasons Brick Masonry Is Ideal For Playhouse Construction

Are you considering getting a playhouse constructed in the backyard for your children? If you want the structure to remain durable so it can stay around for your future grandchildren to enjoy, you might want to get it constructed out of brick masonry, like that of Master Stone Masonry Saskatoon. In this article, discover a few of the advantages that make brick masonry the ideal option for constructing a playhouse for your children. Read More 

Protect Your Hardwood Flooring From Salt This Winter

De-icing salt can be found just about everywhere in the winter--even on your hardwood floors! Unfortunately, salt crystals are abrasive. Over the winter, de-icing salt can contribute to the scratching and degradation of your hardwood floors. You can prevent this from occurring by minimizing the amount of salt that makes it past your doorway, and by using the proper cleaning habits. These tips will help. Lay Down Extra Mats You may already have one or two welcome mats at your front and back doors, but this may not be enough in winter. Read More 

Choosing A Fire Pit To Finish Your Patio

One element that can increase the comfort and luxury of your patio is a fire pit. Fire pits are becoming even more popular these days as the ease of installation and availability of store-bought fire pits increase. What are your options for finishing your patio with a fire pit? Custom Built Fire Pits One option for you to consider is having a fire pit custom built to blend into its surroundings perfectly. Read More 

Beat The Office Blues With Blue: Light Temperature And Moods In The Office

If you're trying to remodel an office to increase the productivity of your workers, you have likely seen the studies on how wall color can affect mood. But there's another factor in the office space that can have a profound effect on how people feel while they're in there: the color temperature of the lighting. Take a look at how using bulbs from specific temperature ranges can change how your employees handle their days in the office. Read More 

6 Tips For Decorating Your Home

Being able to have a home that is attractive and comfortable to live in is important for any homeowner. You may need to work towards making your home more enjoyable and livable by making minor, but necessary changes over time. The key to having a home that you love is by using tried and true decorating tips that work. Tip #1:  Buy a large rug The flooring centerpiece of your living area should include a large rug. Read More